Auberge de Layotte

Restaurant ouvert de mars à novembre 05 53 06 95 91

Who's the Chef?


After training with Parisian chefs, from 1990 to 1995, the call of nature was too strong for this Creusois exiled to the city ...

Regis Gagnadre had the pleasure of discovering the first farmhouse in the Dordogne, where he developed a restaurant for nearly twenty years.

Caution danger here, children are treated as adults! If necessary, Mr. Régis made ​​their culinary education.

Pardi, when will it mount, this cooking school that is seeking for so long?

Is that it is "a little" busy: send in the kitchen, do the smart indoor and outdoors picking flowers, wild plants and fungi, or harvest the vegetables in the garden and fruit orchard!



Auberge de Layotte
24620 TURSAC


05 53 06 95 91


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N 44° 58' 38" • E 1° 0' 53"

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